Service Parts Logistics

Service Parts Logistics

Service Parts Logistics, Warehousing, Distribution in Belarus

AAA Cargo has established a service part center in Minsk, Belarus in 2011. It is conveniently located close to the Minsk Ring way and with easy access to International airport Minsk-2. The center provides pre-positioned inventories management, in-country same day and next day deliveries.

Service parts logistics department operates 24/7 to deliver national logistic solutions, such as service parts logistics, aftermarket service, warehousing and local distribution in Belarus, enabling our customers to offer quality post-sales service and support.

Service Parts Logistics in Belarus

Service Parts Management is a critical component of Service Lifecycle Management and Aftermarket Logistics and is best defined as ensuring the right part is available at the right place, at the right time, which is critical to the delivery of world-class service and maximizing revenue, profits and customer loyalty.

Service Parts Logistics is the core of any effective service operation. It is the process of planning, forecasting and aligning service parts inventories, resources and processes to ensure optimal customer service levels with minimal risk and cost.

Aftermarket Logistic Solutions:

• Call center — 24/7 to take orders, organize deliveries and book maintenance calls;
— Delivery of scheduled and mission-critical spares to field engineers or stock rooms;
— Returns and reverse logistics by managing the reverse flows of surplus or damaged products back into the network, screening before repair, re-use or disposal.

Inbound Logistic Solutions:

• Inbound transportation to seamlessly schedule the arrival of material;
— Kitting and sequencing to get the right materials to production line at the right time and maximise productivity;
— Quality control through inspections, removing and replacing sub-standard items and eliminating disruption.

Reverse Logistics Services:

— Product restocking;
— Manufacturer returns;
— Recycling;
— Disposal of goods per regulatory guidelines.

Warehousing and Distribution

Service Part Center of AAA Cargo Belarus offers storage, handling, value-added services, and transportation nationwide.

— Storage at temperature and humidity controlled facility;
— Dedicated and shared-user operations;
— Automation and sortation;
— Specialized product storage and handling;
— Temperature controlled deliveries;
— Order processing;
— Conventional and high-density storage;
— Cross-docking and merge-in-transit;
— Express delivery Just-in-time: same day and next day delivery, dedicated and consolidated;
— Returns and reverse logistics.

Service Part Logistics Customer benefits:

— Responsiveness – inventories are staged close to the end user to satisfy local market demands;
— Lower Capital Investment — Immediate entry into new markets without capital delay or development of your own logistics infrastructure;
— Timeliness — 2–4-hour order-to-delivery time to any point in Belarus;
— Improved Customer Satisfaction — fast spare parts delivery: customer downtime is reduced.

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