Temperature Controlled Vehicles

Movement of pharmaceutical products in Temperature Controlled Vehicles (TCV)

Movement of pharmaceutical products requires strict temperature-controlled conditions and professional planning to mitigate numerous risks of cold chain transportation. TCVs or temperature controlled vehicles address risks of deliver the product in temperature-controlled conditions during transit of pharmaceutical and clinical trials shipments.

To maintain product temperatures during transportation, TCVs have refrigeration units fitted and insulated walls, capable of keeping temperatures regulated to -25 to -15 °C, +2 to +8 °C and +15 to +25 °C based on the requirements of the products.

AAA-A2 Cargo has a fleet of its own temperature controlled vehicles. We do also subcontract TCV service from the selected list of qualified suppliers, capable to meet GDP requirements during transportation.

The main features of qualified transportation in temperature controlled vehicles are:

– Real-time GPS and temperature devices.
– Validation of the equipment and availability of validation reports.
– Quality refrigeration unity and regular maintenance, availability of maintenance reports.
– Driver training.
– Standard operating procedures and staff training.
– Vehicle cleaning and sanitation procedures and records.
– Availability of corrective and preventive actions procedures.

The AAA-A2 vehicle fleet consists of multifunctional vans and specialized refrigerators. According to the company’s policy specialized cars undergo scheduled maintenance and relevant qualifications: mapping, calibration and verification of equipment.

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