Temperature controlled packaging. Temperature monitors

Temperature controlled packaging. Temperature monitors

To ship temperature sensitive contents we offer proven cold chain packaging solutions to ensure special temperature conditions at different specified temperature ranges. Wide range of single use and reusable packaging is available for transportation of critical pharmaceuticals, diagnostics/clinical trials, tissue, vaccines and blood supplies.

Disposable styrofoam packages with phase change materials

Maintenance of the specified temperature up to 96 hours.
Temperature ranges: -15-25 °C; +2 / +8 °C и +15 / +25 °C,
Internal volume from 1 to 1000 liters.

CREDO CUBE multiuse thermal containers

Maintenance of the specified temperature up to 196 hours,
Temperature range -15-25 °C; +2 / +8 °C и +15 / +25 °C,
Capacity from 2 to 96 liters,
Simple and fast assembly with few components and flexible modular design. TIC modular walls (thermal insulating chamber) with integrated PCM (phase change material) and VIP panels (vacuum insulated panels) simplify conditioning in the freezer for year-round delivery and allow easy packaging and storage of the product.

Dewar vessel (LN Shipper)

Designed for long-term storage of substances at elevated or reduced temperatures. Temperature is maintained by passive methods, due to good heat insulation and/or processes in the stored substance.
Metal or glass cryogenic tanks of open type, with vacuum insulation of walls.
Intended for storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen or products in liquid nitrogen.

Temperature sensors and monitors.

Records temperature inside each package.
Temperature measurement ranges from – 80 C to + 70 C.
Single or multiple use temperature recording functions.
Data sampling intervals programable from 30 seconds to 120 minutes.
PDF configurable reports immediately after delivery.
Requires no additional software or hardware.
Reports can be read by connecting a logger to your computer via USB.

For transportation in – 70 C environment special packaging and dry ice will be provided. We also offer dry ice replenishment service at airline terminals for your shipments around the world, this service may be required if shipment has been delayed by an airline in transit.

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